Our Story

Founded in 2017, La Connexional is a cultural startup turned into a social enterprise which strives to showcase the talents and contributions of the African, Black, Caribbean, and Latinx (ABCL) communities in Canada through a variety of mediums, with each focused on one or multiple aspects of building networking and entrepreneurial opportunities, multicultural understanding, awareness, cultural education, social inclusion and social integration. These mediums serve to create spaces that encourage acceptance and understanding between these communities and the greater Edmonton, Albertan, and Canadian community.

We strive to showcase the talent and contributions of the ABCL communities in Canada, while focusing on building capacity and increasing the interactions between these groups, as well as the broader Canadian communities. Our experiences, projects and services focus on meaningful relationships, growth and development, all while placing a high value on a positive experience. Through our authentic, inclusive, multicultural experiences and creation of social opportunities, La Connexional strives to be the "Home Away From Home" for people of African, Black, Caribbean and Latinx descent while allowing space for non-ABCL folks to interact and discover these amazing cultures.

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